Artificial Snow On Work Place Windows – How To Do It Neatly And Remove It Effectively

Decorating the work place can bring holiday cheer to everyone working and to the customers visiting each day. Since many commercial buildings have a lot of windows, the windows become a center point of decorating. If you are considering decorating the windows in your work place, think about the clean-up efforts that will have to come after the holiday season is over. Here, you will learn how to spray and remove the artificial snow spray with less of a mess.

During Application of the Snow

When you are applying the snow, the overspray can travel quite a distance. Cover the areas around the windows with old blankets, towels, newspaper or plastic. The spray snow does wash out of fabrics, so you do not have to worry about ruining blankets or towels and they will capture more of the overspray and keep it from falling to the floor when you move them.

Removing the Snow

Your first thought might be to grab a straight razor and begin shaving the snow off of the window. This is not a great idea because you could easily scratch the window and damage it for good. Instead, reach for a vacuum. Put a bristled attachment on the hose and begin vacuuming the window from the top and working your way to the bottom. This will remove most of the loose snow from the window making the next steps less messy.

After you have removed the loose snow, begin working in small sections using glass cleaner. Spray a small section of the snow with the glass cleaner, let it soak for a few minutes and begin wiping it away with paper towels.

Note: If the windowsills are made of wood, cover them with plastic or newspaper to protect them from the ammonia that is in the glass cleaner. Ammonia can damage the finish on the wood and cause it to look terrible.

Cleaning the Windows

After you have removed all of the snow, you will spend some time cleaning the window glass. It can be very difficult to remove all of the residue and make the windows look nice and crystal clear. Use foam glass cleaner and work slowly. After you have the windows looking decent, use unused coffee filters to buff the glass to a clear shine. The coffee filters will remove all of the lint left behind by the towels you have used to clean the glass and will also remove the streaks.

Talk with the commercial glass cleaning company such as Clearview Maintenance Co. that does your company's windows. You may be able to skip the clean-up efforts and have the professionals tend to it instead.