Four Factors That May Determine The Cost Of Your Roofing Inspection

According to HomeAdvisor, most homeowners spend $125 to $350 to have their homes inspected. The costs can go as high as $700, however, depending on the roof. Some of the factors that determine a roof inspection cost include:

Roof Material

The material affects the inspection cost because it determines how easy it is to walk on the roof without causing any damage. There is the safety issue to think of, as well as the types of faults or damages to look out for. Some materials even call for specific skills that not all roofers may possess.

For example, wood shingles require more careful inspection than composite shingles, so the former may cost more to inspect. Also, walking on metal roofs is not easy, especially if the metal is copper, so you should expect to pay more

Roof Size

Obviously, a bigger roof requires more time to inspect than a smaller one, so it will cost more. Also, all factors held constant, you expect more damages on a bigger roof, which may require further scrutiny to assess the extent of the damage.

Height of the Building

The height of the building, which is mostly determined by the number of stories, also determines the roof inspection cost. This is because high buildings are more difficult to access and are also risky to work on. This means your roofer will use more equipment and safety gear (and probably more manpower) to inspect a multistory house than a single story one.


Although most roofing companies work all year round, they tend to be busier in some seasons than others. It makes sense, therefore, that they will charge more during peak demand and offer discounts when the demand falls. This is true for all types of roof issues including installations, repairs, and inspections.

For example, many people carry out their roof repairs during the summer and fall. The winter is a slow season, and you may get better prices during this period. However, it's not advisable to delay your inspection just because of the lower prices of the slow season. It is just that you are likely to get a favorable price if the inspection schedule happens to fall during the slow season.

Now you can evaluate your roof, factor in the season, and get a rough idea on whether your inspection cost will be favorable or cost an arm and a leg. Of course, you can always apply your negotiation skills to try for a price lower than the quoted one. To find out more, contact a business like Peninsula Roofing LLC.