Restoring What Was Cracked: Asphalt Repair

Standing water can have a damaging effect on asphalt. As the water builds up on top of the asphalt, it can promote rot, but even more destructively, frozen water can get down between the individual pebbles that make up the asphalt of your driveway and wedge them apart. After repeated cycles of freezing and cooling, you can end up with cracks in your driveway. You can prevent some of the damage by keeping standing water off of your driveway, but since you can't prevent all damage to your driveway, it helps to know how to repair cracks before they grow into potholes. 

Repairing a Crack

When you repair a crack, you need to gather your materials before you begin. You will need a hoe, a broom, a rake, and some crack sealing compound. Once you have your tools gathered, you just need to follow these easy steps: 

1. First, use your hoe to clean any dirt, debris, or organic matter that has built up in the crack. 

2. Use a rake to clear the larger material away and then finish up with a broom. In some cases, a pressure washer can help to save time and get materials that are hard to clean out with your hoe. 

3. Once you have the crack cleaned out, you are ready to fill the crack with compound. Make sure that you get a rubberized compound so that it will flex with the asphalt as it expands and contracts with changes in the temperature. 

Sealing Your Asphalt

In order to prevent more damage to your asphalt, you should have your driveway sealed. Over time the UV rays of the sun can make your asphalt brittle. To give your driveway new life, you can have an asphalt company like Armour Pavement Inc come and add a new sealcoat to your driveway. The sealcoat will absorb the rays of the sun, and thus prevent damage to your driveway. 

Asphalt makes an inexpensive way to make a driveway. In order to get the most life from your driveway, you need to repair any damage you notice in your driveway. The sooner you repair cracks, the less you have to worry about them extending and creating more damage. If you leave cracks to themselves, they will eventually undermine your entire driveway. If your driveway has started to crack, you should consider having your driveway sealed, which should keep the water and sun from damaging your driveway.