Garage Door Won’t Close All The Way? Common Problems That Can Cause This

If you have a garage door, it is inevitable that you will have problems with it at some point. Learning a bit about the problems that can happen can help you save money, because you may be able to fix them yourself. A garage door that does not close may be a simple repair that you can do on your own. 

Dirty Photo Eyes

If your garage door is closing and it stops right before it gets to the ground, there is likely problems with the photo eyes. If you look on each side of the garage close to the ground, you will see these eyes on each side.

These work by sending a beam from one eye to the other. If something is blocking that beam or they have dirt or grime on them, your door will not completely close, and then will automatically open back up.  

If the photo eyes are dirty, clean them off using a soft cloth and a mild cleanser, and try to close the garage door. It should close and then automatically open back up. If it does not automatically go back up, there is likely a problem with the automatic garage door opener.

Photo Eyes Out of Alignment

If cleaning the photo eyes did not fix the problem, they may not be aligned correctly. If this happens, one sensor cannot receive the signal from the other.

Use a measuring tape and measure the first photo eye from the ground to the bottom of the eye. Write down this measurement, and then do the same thing with the other eye. If the measurements are not the same, they are not aligned. You can usually adjust the eyes by hand moving them up or down until they are aligned.

Lubricate Garage Door

The garage door may need to be lubricated, which is very simple for you to do. When purchasing the lubricant, lithium grease works best for this purpose. In most cases, lubricating greases are made from a mixture of soap and oil, and when applied it runs down to your garage floor, which will stain it.

Lithium grease is made from a lubricant to help with friction, and a thickener that holds the lubricant in place. Lithium grease also holds up well in high temperatures, and because it is so thick, it will not run.

You can purchase lithium grease in a spray can.  Spray it liberally on all metal rollers. Also, make sure you liberate all the bearings.  You should not spray the grease on the tracks, however, as it may cause the garage door to slip while in operation.

If you find major repairs, such as installing a new garage door opener, or you cannot align the photo eyes, call a garage door contractor like Crawford Door Company who can take care of these problems for you.