Roofing Options For Your Small Business: Know Your Energy-Saving Options

When you are planning to open your small business, you have a myriad of factors that you need to consider. Once you find the perfect commercial space for your business to operate out of, even more decisions need to be made. One of the most important of these building-related decisions is the proper roofing material for you and your business. Whether or not sustainability or being environmentally-friendly are your primary concerns, you still want to choose a commercial roofing material that is the most energy efficient to save you and your new business money. So, get to know some of the energy-saving commercial roofing options available to you. 

Sedum Green Roofing

Most people do not think of commercial roofing as particularly "green." However, in the case of sedum green roofing, the term is literal. When you install a green or living roof on your small business building, you are placing a very thin layer of soil on top of an existing roofing structure. Then, into that thin layer of soil, a form of vegetation known as sedum is planted.

Sedum is a form of plant life that is low-growing (so that it doesn't grow too tall) and has a shallow root system, which means it will easily survive in the thin layer of soil you placed on your roof. It is also beneficial because it is extremely resilient and can easily survive droughts, extreme heat and winds, sun exposure, and other conditions that would kill most other plants. This means they are low maintenance.

Your sedum green roofing will save you on energy costs in that the plants will absorb the thermal energy from the sun that would otherwise heat up your building. The soil as well as the plants also provide insulation to prevent energy escape from your building. As such green commercial roofing works in two ways to help with energy efficiency.

Cool Roofs

The cool roof is a commercial roofing option that is rapidly growing in popularity. Cool roofs use reflective materials on the roof to bounce thermal energy from the sun off of the roof, reflecting the light away from your small business building. 

Depending on the cool roof option you choose, you may be able to make your small business roof cool by adding a layer of highly reflective paint on the surface of your roof, or by having a metal sheet covering installed on the surface of your roof. 

Cool roofing can do a great deal to lower your energy costs, as the bulk of thermal energy that would fight against your air conditioning efforts will no longer be an issue. You will likely not have to run the air conditioning as frequently or keep the temperature as low when you do run it. 

Now that you know a few of the most energy efficient commercial roofing options, you can choose the one that best suits your business needs and personal preferences. So, get to saving energy as soon as possible and your business will be up and running. Contact a company like Bell Roof Co for more information about your roofing options.