Unplugging Some Of The Most Common Myths Concerning Lowering Your Electric Bill

If you live in certain parts of the country, there is a pretty good chance that your bill for electricity usage each month is one of the highest that you have. For example, if you live in the state of Hawaii, the average residential electric bill is more than $200 a month. With your bills growing higher and higher, you will likely resort to all kinds of measures to try and make the numbers you see every month go down. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions associated with trying to achieve less electric usage in the home. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions and the facts that you should know.

Misconception: High electric rates usually mean you have a home that is not weather-proofed and efficiently built.

Fact: There are a lot of things about your home that could be driving up electric costs, besides  things like weather-proofing and energy-efficient windows. The costs associated with using outdated appliances, such as the dryer, hot water heater, or stove, are all one example. You could have the most efficient home on the block, completely sealed from the outdoors, and still see bills that are higher than what they should be. Even simple practices of leaving your electronic chargers and other things not in use, like your cable box or DVR,  plugged in can drive your bill up as high a 10 percent higher than it has to be.

Misconception: Making a switch to all energy-saving bulbs will cut your electric bill in half.

Fact: So, yes. Making a change to all energy efficient bulbs and lighting in your home is bound to save you a lot of money on your electric bill every year. However, do not get too overly excited about how much savings you will see in a 30 day time frame. By replacing your five most frequently used bulbs in the house, you should expect to save about $75 a year, according to Energy.gov, which is barely more than $6 a month. Worth the change? Yes, but not a major savings.

When it comes down to the facts, you really have to know what to look for when you are trying to find ways to save the most on your electric bill. It is always a good idea to bring a licensed electrician (such as Dr Electric) in for a thorough assessment of your home. The professional will take a look at all of the ways you could be saving and provide you with the tools you need to truly lower your bill.