What to Know about Resurfacing Your Parking Lot

When you buy a building for your business, you have a lot more control over it than if you lease space in a complex. However, it also means you are responsible for maintenance of the building, property, and parking lot. It's important to keep the parking area in good repair so it looks nice and doesn't pose a safety hazard for your clients. If your lot is in bad shape, you may be able to resurface it rather than replace it. Here's what you need to know.

Why Resurfacing Is Better

Resurfacing your lot gives the same visual results as replacing it. Your lot has uniform color and cracks are filled, so the surface looks good as new. However, it's quicker and less expensive to resurface rather than replace your parking area, because the old asphalt doesn't have to be broken up and removed first.

When Resurfacing Isn't an Option

When the pavement contractor resurfaces your lot, a new layer of asphalt is applied on top of your existing parking area. Therefore, the old asphalt has to be stable. The contractor may take core samples from the lot to test the condition of the asphalt under the surface. Another way to tell if the paved area is bad is if it is crumbling in many places. Crumbling, also called alligator cracking, is a sign the asphalt is old and needs to be torn out and replaced. An alligator crack confined to one area, a few small potholes, and straight-line cracks are usually no problem and can be repaired as part of the resurfacing process.

What to Do about Parking

Try to arrange the work when your office is closed for the weekend or a holiday so the parking lot will be empty for a couple of days. If that isn't possible, and you have a large parking lot, the contractor may agree to work in sections so part of the lot is always open. Otherwise, you'll need to block off the area until the asphalt dries. The length of time depends a lot on the weather and temperature. It takes longer to dry when the weather is hot and humid. However, drying time is usually a matter of hours with resurfacing as opposed to days when you put in a new lot.

When your parking lot is in good repair, it reflects well on your business. It may also protect you from a lawsuit caused by someone tripping over an alligator crack. Although it's disruptive for a couple of days, the results of pavement resurfacing are worth it, and you can avoid the bother of replacing the entire lot.