3 Reasons To Plaster Your Pool Instead Of Painting It

Although your pool might have looked beautiful when it was first installed, there is a good chance that time, wear and tear, the elements and your pool chemicals have taken their toll over time. It's not uncommon for pool plaster to start peeling, cracking, chipping and otherwise becoming damaged over the years, and this damage can shorten the lifespan of your pool and make swimming a lot less pleasant. Many people choose to paint the inside of their pools when this happens, but hiring a pool repair company for pool plastering is a better idea in most cases. These are some of the reasons why.

1. It Lasts Longer

Paint can begin to peel and chip in just a few short years, especially in a water and chemical-filled swimming pool. However, pool plaster lasts for about 12 to 14 years. Even though you might have to make a bigger investment to plaster your pool rather than painting it, you'll save cash in the long run and won't have to worry about the plaster becoming damaged anytime soon.

2. You Can Make Actual Repairs

If you paint your swimming pool, you will simply be covering the surface and making it look nice and smooth again. If you have it plastered, however, you can actually have minor repairs made. For example, if there is chipping in the side of your pool, a coat of plaster will help take care of the problem. Painting is really only best for pools that have aesthetic issues only, while plaster is great for getting older, more damaged pools back into great condition.

3. It Can Be Done Quickly

If you paint your pool, you will have to wait for several days for the paint to dry thoroughly. This is not the case if you choose pool plaster, however. The pool repair company will spend a few hours pumping and spreading the plaster throughout the pool; then, before they leave they will begin filling your pool up for you again. This means that you can get back into the pool more quickly, which is pretty important if it's during the summer and you want to take advantage of your pool while you still can.

Although painting your pool can be a good option in some cases, opting for pool plastering is usually a better choice. Luckily, a pool repair professional can talk to you about your options and can help you make the right decision for your swimming pool. For more information, contact a business such as Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc.