Four Themed Fencing Designs To Blend In Perfectly With Your Landscaping

If you want to have a unique landscape design, themes can be great. This can be a design that incorporates contemporary, rustic or Asian elements. The fence that you have surrounding your home can also have a theme to blend in with other features. Here are some tips to create a themed fence design that matches your landscaping:

1. A Contemporary Design With A Vertical Garden

If you want to have a fence with a contemporary design, a vertical garden can be a great choice. This can be done using modern materials, such as metals. The fence can include planter boxes connected to the fence posts. The plants in the fence will help you bring your modern fence design to life with living plants.

2. Create A Rustic Look With A Timber Fence Design

If you want to have a rustic theme for your garden, timber can be a great choice of materials. You can use a conventional wood structure and cover it with timbers. You can also use timbers to make the frame of the fence sections. There are also siding materials that can be used to give your fence a log home look. The log faces will give you more of a solid fence design for areas where you want more privacy.

3. Use Cane And Bamboo For An Asian Fence  Design

Cane and bamboo materials can be a great choice if you want an Asian theme. An affordable solution is to use rolls of cane to cover a more conventional chain link fence. You can also use bamboo as the pickets inside framed sections to create a more permanent design, which will have a cleaner look and be more durable. You can also combine bamboo with conventional hardwoods to create patterns in your fence design.

4. Create A Secret Garden Using A Green Privacy Screen

If you want to have a secluded area, a secret garden can be good. This can be done by using evergreen shrubs to create a green privacy screen. This can be incorporated with fence materials, such as iron fencing to give your fence more of an elegant look. You can also use climbing vines to cover conventional fencing and give you the privacy you need.

These are some ideas that you can use to create a themed landscape design that blends in with landscaping. If you are ready to have a new fence installed, contact a fencing contractor, like American Secured Fence, and discuss some of these themes for your new fence.