4 Ways To Help Promote Healthy Bacteria Levels In Your Septic System

Many homes rely on a septic system to treat waste water. Without proper care, septic systems can begin to fail due to improper use and low levels of bacteria. By promoting healthy bacteria levels in your septic tank, you can reduce strain on your system and the costs of repairs and maintenance. Here are some of the things that you can do to ensure your septic tank has a healthy level of bacteria:

1. Avoid Harsh Chemical Agents That Kill Bacteria

Harsh chemicals can do a lot of damage to your septic system. When you use products like bleach, commercial cleaners and drain treatments, they kill the bacteria in your septic tank that are meant to break down solids; this can lead to overburden of your system. To prevent problems, use natural cleaning products, and look for products that are septic-safe to ensure your system is healthy.

2. Be Cautious Of Water Usage To Prevent Septic System Overburden

Water usage can also affect your septic tank. With extensive use of water, your septic tank becomes too full of water. This causes overburden, which can eventually cause solids to get into other components of your system. To avoid this, try not to use water excessively, such as doing all the laundry in your home in one day. You may also want to consider separating grey water, which can prevent these problems and also be used for irrigation.

3. Have Your System Serviced Regularly To Avoid Problems With Solids

Regular servicing of your system is also important to ensure that your system is healthy. This includes regular pumping of the solid waste, which needs to be done every year. If your system gets excessive use, you may want to have it serviced more often and inspect components like the distribution box and drain field for any signs of problems. Contact companies like Burleson Septic Cleaning for more information about professional cleaning services.

4. Use Special Septic Tank Treatments To Promote Healthy Bacteria Growth

Even when you do the care your system needs, there may be times when the bacteria levels are low. To help promote healthy bacteria levels in your septic system, there are treatments that can be added to the tank. These help increment bacteria growth, which will speed up the process of breaking down the solids in the tank.

These are some of the things that you can do to ensure your septic system has a healthy level of bacteria. If you are nee help with pumping, inspection or repairs to your system, contact a septic service to ensure your system is working properly and has a healthy bacteria level.