Three Ways You Can Keep Cool When Your Air Conditioner Is Broken

It's a miserable feeling to realize that your home's air conditioner is broken, but you'll only feel worse when you start to notice the temperature climbing inside your living quarters. Take action by calling a licensed HVAC contractor right away to schedule a repair visit. Regardless of the issue facing your system, the contractor will diagnose it and take steps to get it repaired. One of these steps could be ordering parts, which means that you might need to endure a couple days without cool air inside your home. Here are three ways you can stay as comfortable as possible in these conditions.

Run A Dehumidifier

As the temperature inside your home begins to increase, you might experience humid conditions – especially if you live in an area in which the outside weather is muggy. You can often improve the feeling inside by running a dehumidifier. This machine removes the moisture from the air and can drastically increase the comfort of your living space. Even though the dehumidifier won't lower the temperature, drier air can often feel more palatable than humid air, even when the temperature hasn't changed. Just be sure to consistently empty the machine's water tank to ensure that it doesn't shut off.

Skip Laundry Day

If you only have to wait a few days until your HVAC contractor gets the necessary parts to fix your air conditioner, try to avoid doing laundry until your home is cool once again. Running the washing machine injects heat and humidity into your home, while using the dryer can increase the overall temperature and make a hot home even hotter. You might have to get creative about your attire – or, if you're really desperate, you can visit a nearby laundry facility to clean your essentials – but as long as you're not running these large appliances, you'll be helping to avoid increasing the heat.

Head Downstairs

Given that your basement can be much cooler than the rest of your home, it's beneficial to consider spending as much time as possible in this refreshing area. Depending on the amenities in your basement, you might even be able to sleep; a pullout couch or some sleeping bags and air mattresses can help you stay cool overnight instead of suffering a poor night's sleep because of the heat. You can also eat your meals in the basement and spend your downtime in these pleasant conditions, too.

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