Contemplating A Kitchen Remodel In A Home With A Septic System? 3 Reasons To Skip A Garbage Disposal

Remodeling your kitchen is the perfect opportunity to change its look and function. Adding a water filtration system, modern appliances, and a garbage disposal can make things easier in the kitchen. But, living in a home that has a septic tank means you need to think differently about upgrading. You might want a garbage disposal because it becomes easy to get rid of scraps, but it is not good for septic systems. This is one new feature that you should skip when you start the remodeling process.

High Costs for New Installation

Replacing a garbage disposal on its own is not costly. But, when you do not have the right setup for a garbage disposal, you will need to get help from a plumber or electrician to get it ready. This can force you to spend as much as $450 for the garbage disposal installation. A standard garbage disposal will likely run you at least $50, so that means you may end up having to pay $500 or more for this one feature.

Extra Septic Tank Maintenance

If you did get a garbage disposal, you would do so with the intention to use it regularly. Unfortunately, everything that goes down the kitchen sink will end up in your septic tank. Liquids will flush through, but solids that get broken down can turn into sludge, which must be cleaned out eventually. Pumping a septic tank costs between $279 and $516, and using a garbage disposal will lead to more frequent cleanings. This makes getting a garbage disposal a massive expense for a minor convenience.

Fairly Easy to Get Clogged

Garbage disposals have simple rules in regard to what you can put down the drain and what to avoid. But, you may have a tough time getting your whole family on board with the requirements. It is easy to forget that things like lettuce, asparagus, potatoes, or beans should not go down the drain. Needing to get your garbage disposal repaired could have you spending $110 to get it back to its original condition. If the repair is not possible, then you must buy another one, in which you have to tack on installation costs again.

Adding this feature to your kitchen comes with a lot of unseen expenses. If you have a garbage disposal, you may even want to consider having it removed during your kitchen remodel. By skipping this addition, you can invest your money in other ways that can provide you with enjoyment and savings.

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