Have Cats With Fleas? 4 Things To Do Before You Get Carpet Cleaning To Eliminate Them

Vacuuming the carpet in your home is something that you should be doing regularly, especially if you have cats. It will pick up cat hair and dirt particles, but it is not too effective at getting rid of fleas. So, when you find out that your cats are having a problem with fleas, you need to take further measures to eliminate them. Getting professional carpet cleaning can include steam cleaning, which can kill fleas and their eggs. But, for this to remain effective, you need to get rid of them in other areas of your home.

Flea Treatment for Your Cats

The first thing that you should do is get flea treatment for your cats. It is best to get treatments that not only kill the fleas that bite your cats, but prevents them from laying fertile flea eggs. This will drastically slow down the process in which fleas duplicate in your home, but it will not stop them completely.

Quarantine Cat Furniture

It is almost inevitable for fleas or flea eggs to be on your cat furniture. So, despite the fact that your cats may want to spend time scratching the sides and using high ledges to gain an excellent vantage point, you are better off quarantining the furniture until you get rid of the fleas entirely. It is important to clean the furniture with hot, soapy water as soon as you put it into quarantine, which you can do in your garage. This will kill the fleas or force them to jump off, in which they will have nowhere else to go.

Get Rid of Fleas in the Yard

If you normally let your cats sit out in the patio, you may want to bring this to a halt for the time being. Fleas will travel from the grass to your cats, which is a problem when you have an issue in the house. Surrounding your entire property with insecticidal spray is a good idea, especially around the patio. All you have to do is keep up with these treatments and other methods to keep them away.

Clean and Cover Your Furniture

While it is easy to remove cat furniture, it is not reasonable to do the same for your furniture. So, you should get carpet cleaning services to give your furniture a thorough cleaning as well. After this service, you will find it best to cover the furniture in plastic to prevent them from hiding in the crevices. Once you have deemed the fleas fully eradicated, then you can remove the plastic covering.

Following these methods before you get carpet cleaning will maximize your chances to destroy all fleas. To find out more, speak with a business like Amer Carpet Cleaners.