Planning To Purchase A Geyser For Your Home? 2 Tips To Help You Use It Correctly

A geyser is a heat pump water heater that connects to an existing propane, oil, gas, or electric water heater tank. It is in the shape of a box and much smaller than your standard water tank heater. Because of this, it generally sits on the floor close to the water heater. If you want to use a geyser to heat the water in your home, this is a good choice as it can save you money. If you use it in the wrong way, however, it can cause your electricity bill to skyrocket. To make sure this does not happen, below are two tips on using your geyser correctly.

Check the Thermostat Settings

Geysers have a thermostat that keeps the water temperature at the right level. It does this by turning off the power supply when the water is at the right temperature.  The thermostat constantly checks the water temperature, and the power supply will turn on if the water temperature drops.

The amount of electricity that is used to heat the water depends on what the temperature of the water is that is coming into the geyser and what the thermostat's temperature setting is set to. If your thermostat is set too high, it takes the electricity longer to heat it up. Refer to the user's manual or contact the manufacture to determine what temperature your geyser should be set to.

Turn it Off

You do not need to leave your geyser on all the time. The geyser goes through the same process over and over of turning off when the water is at the right temperature, and turning back on when the temperature of the water drops. It is constantly using electricity while doing this. Because you do not need hot water while you are gone during day and while you are sleeping at night, this is a complete waste of electricity and money. To prevent this repeated cycle, turn off the geyser when you do not need it. Depending on the temperature setting, it will take the geyser approximately 2 hours to heat up the water once it has been turned on.

If you have any problems with your geyser, do not attempt to fix it yourself, as you could cause even more damage. Instead, contact an appliance repair technician, like one from Aggressive Mechanical Contractors. They can also help you install it, if needed, as well as give you other tips.