Put Your New Workers to the Test: Three Ways to Make Sure New Crew Members Are Ready for Work Detail

There is no real "school of construction" for people to attend that teaches them about this line of work. Most of what you learned about the business you probably learned on the job from somebody else. As such, you may frequently find that inexperienced young adults want to try their hands at learning the construction business. However, without a means to test these workers' willingness to do all kinds of odd construction jobs, you cannot be certain of the effectiveness of these crew members. The following may help you test these greenhorns and make sure they are ready for any work detail.

Septic-Tank and Sewer-Pipe Cleaning

One of the surest ways to see if your new crew members can handle the jobs your company does is to have these members clean out a septic tank or clear sewer pipes. Many people do not have the stomach (or the nostrils!) for this kind of work, and those new crew members who cannot get past the sights and smells of these jobs may have to go. You can watch these new crew members during these work details without telling them it is a sort of employment test, and then see for yourself who can hack it and who cannot.

Machine Operations

If any of your new crew members have a commercial license to operate construction equipment, then maybe the next test you want to perform is how well these drivers handle your heavy-duty equipment. Assign each one a series of menial tasks involving a few pieces of equipment and see which of the new crew members are able to perform the tasks as perfectly and professionally as possible. The drivers who come away with machines unscathed and tasks finished have passed this second test.

Hard Manual Labor for Two to Four Hours Straight

Construction work of any kind requires strength and endurance. One of the surest ways to make sure your new crew members are ready for the job ahead is to test their abilities to perform hard manual labor for two to four hours straight. If they can keep up the pace with lifting, carrying, placing, pushing, and manually hauling or spreading tasks during this time, then they are physically fit enough to perform the job. (Even if you verify through this test that your new workers are ready, be sure that every one of them that passes these tests also passes a physical exam by a doctor before they start.)

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