Need Embroidery Work Done? Some Tips On Doing This Yourself Or Hiring A Company To Help

You can use embroidery in many ways, such as to make gifts for your family or for home décor. If you have always wanted to learn how to do this, you have the option to choose hand embroidery or hiring a company to do machine embroidery. Below is some information about each of these so you can make your decision:

Learn How to Hand Embroidery

Because you have never embroidered before, you should consider starting out learning to do it by hand. It can be satisfying when you finish your project knowing you are the one that did it. You can also create beautiful and unique pieces, as well as add your own personal touch to each piece.

Before you can get started you need to purchase a few things including:

  • Embroidery hoop: An embroidery hoop is two rings and you place the fabric you are using between the hoops. This keeps your fabric taut to making it much easier for you to embroidery. You can find these hoops in wood or plastic.
  • Embroidery scissors: Instead of using standard scissors, purchase a small pair of embroidery scissors. These are smaller than traditional scissors, as well as sharper.
  • Fabric: There are a variety of fabrics you can use, such as quilting cotton, muslin, linen, and canvas.
  • Embroidery needles: An embroidery needle has a bigger eye than traditional needles making it easier to thread.
  • Embroidery floss: Embroidery floss is inexpensive and you can find it in just about any color that you want.
  • Marking tool: You will need to draw your design on the fabric. To do this, purchase a marking tool that is specially made for embroidery.

You can take classes to learn how to embroidery as you will need to learn a lot of stitches, such as the backstitch, fill switch, French knot, and much more. There are also books you can purchase or go to the library.

Hire an Embroidery Company

If you simply want some embroidered pieces in your home but do not want to do it yourself, there are companies that will do this for you. They have special machines that they use to do this very quickly. The embroidery machines these companies use is controlled by a computer. The machines have a variety of needles that are fixed in embroidery heads. The machine also has a frame folder to hold the fabric in place while it is embroidering. The embroidery machine can generally go in two directions, such as back and forth.

The design is first created on a computer using a digitizing software. This software plots the route the needles will take while creating the piece. The program also tells the machine when it needs to change to a different colored thread, as well as the type of needle it needs to use.

When finished, your embroidery will look professional and beautiful. The machine can embroidery small décor pieces, t-shirts, labels on clothing, and much more. The embroidery machine company can explain to you in detail how they work.

Talk with the machine company about embroidery machines you can purchase for your home if you like the way your embroidery project turned out. Contact a company like C & E Imprinted Sportswear for more information and assistance.