How To Refinish Fiberglass Bathtubs

Fiberglass bathtub basins are durable and reliable. They will last forever, but they are going to pick up some scrapes and bruises over the years. Most people end up refinishing their fiberglass bathtubs, not because they are structurally damaged, but because the finish just looks a little worn. Usually, when the white finish wears off of your fiberglass, it doesn't effect the actual material. Fiberglass is waterproof with or without the white paint finish. This article explains how to repair dents, dings, paint scratches and holes in a fiberglass bathtub.

Fixing Holes

Holes are very rare when it comes to fiberglass surfaces. Luckily, they are easy to fix because you can use a simple fiberglass repair kit. These kits come with everything you need to patch holes in fiberglass. They include the cloth, fiberglass resin, hardener, and a plastic spreader. Basically, cut the cloth to the right size. Then, tape it over the hole. Next, you mix the hardener in with the resin to activate it. Then, spread it onto the hole. Once the new fiberglass dries, you can sand it to shape it and make it blend in with the bathtub. At this point, you just need to touch up the paint finish.

Painting Fiberglass

Whether you patched a hole, or a just using the touch up paint to fix scratches, you will want to follow these steps. If you have multiple spots that need to be touched up, it is probably smartest to actually paint the entire tub. This will not only result in a better looking finish, it will also make the job faster. If you just paint the damaged areas, the finish is going to be splotchy and the paint spots will stand out.

Fiberglass is a little tricky to paint because they surface is so smooth. It is harder than painting drywall or wood. That being said, the job is manageable if you have the right type of paint. Also, it helps if you sand the surface you are painting. This roughs up the fiberglass slightly so the paint sticks evenly. Painting fiberglass should only be done with a nice, new brush. This eliminates brush strokes and gives you a cleaner finish. Make sure you buy paint that is actually intended for fiberglass. This will usually be an acrylic paint with a high sheen.

Paint slowly and always clean your brush before the paint dries onto the bristles. Contact a company, like Carefree Koatings, if you need more help.