Suffering From Back Pain? Make Your Kitchen Easier To Prepare Meals

If you suffer from years of intense back pain, you may have problems getting around your home. You may even have problems cooking and preparing meals. The countertops and cabinets in your kitchen may be too low to accommodate your height properly. If you stoop or bend down too much, it can make your back hurt even worse. There are things you can do to make your kitchen more accessible, including these below.

Customize Your Countertops

One of the greatest things about countertops and cabinets is their versatility. Many home and building contractors can customize their customers' counters and cabinets to fit their unique tastes and needs. For customers with physical disabilities or health problems, customized products can make it easier to navigate and move about the kitchen.

When you contact a contractor, tell them about your back pain. You want a contractor to design your countertops and cabinets in a height that reduces or eliminates the need to bend or stoop down when you prepare or cook meals. A contractor may ask you about your height and body size to help them customize the right products.

If it's possible, a contractor may come to your home and help you choose the best countertops and cabinets for your kitchen and health needs. A contractor may be able to inspect and measure your kitchen personally, which may help eliminate any problems that might occur during the installation process.

Once you have your counters and cabinets installed, add accessories in your kitchen that make cooking even better.

Make Your Kitchen More Comfortable

If your back hurts worse when you stand on your feet, place a step stool near your counters and cabinets. If you place one foot on the stool, you may be able to reduce pain in your hips and lower back. You can alternate your feet, if needed.

Sometimes, standing can make back pain worse. You can remedy this problem by placing a high-backed chair or comfortable stool in your kitchen. If using a chair isn't optional for you, you can place thick mats near your kitchen counters and cabinets instead. Be sure to use slip-proof mats in the kitchen to keep safe. You may want to install safety bars along your cabinets and counters to help keep you secure.

If you're ready to ease your back pain or in need of a better way to prepare your meals, contact a business like House Of Floors.