Why You Should Let A Gutter Specialist Install New Gutters On Your Home

Gutters are an important feature for your home because they protect your roof and foundation from water damage. If yours are leaking or old and rusted, it's time to think about getting new gutters. While you can buy standard sectional gutters at a home improvement store and install them yourself, you may want to leave the job to an expert instead. Here's why hiring a gutter specialist is a good idea.

So You Can Have Seamless Gutters

The gutters you buy for DIY installation are available in stock sizes that you cut to fit your home. That means you'll need to join the seams and seal them to prevent leaking. A better option is to get seamless gutters for your home. These are custom made for the length of your house. The gutter trough is extruded on the job site right before it's attached to your home. Going with seamless gutters could save you from repairing leaky seams and from clearing out leaf dams that get snagged on seams. Overall, your gutters should perform better and need less maintenance when you don't have as many seams in the system.

So The Slope Is Perfect For Proper Drainage

Installing gutters is about more than just hanging the troughs from clips. The troughs have to be angled properly toward the downspout so rain flows freely through the system with the help of gravity. Getting the right slope can be tricky and if you don't hang the gutters properly, water can pool in the gutters rather than drain out. This might lead to water spilling over the sides or water stagnating in the troughs and attracting bugs and rodents.

So The Downspout Is Positioned Properly

Another important aspect of installing a gutter system is positioning the downspout. It needs to point away from your home and not be blocked so water can drain away from the house. You might go with a simple downspout or you might want a splash block placed under it to prevent erosion of the soil when it rains. Another option is to have the downspout connect to an underground drain so it is out of sight. This way you can be sure the water empties directly into the street and not near your house.

While the cost of a gutter system along with the cost of installation is important to consider, it is even more important for the gutters to be installed properly or there is no reason to have them. They do such an important job of protecting your home that it may be worth the additional cost to have them professionally installed. Speak with a contractor from companies like Art's Custom Seamless Gutters  Inc for more information.