Protect Your Business Image With These Concrete Driveway Maintenance Tasks

Few business owners give much thought to their concrete driveway. But it will be one of the first things your customers see upon arriving and one of the unsung elements of your business they will interact with the most. So, how can you keep your building's driveway looking sharp and reflecting good ownership? Here are 4 ways you can do it on any budget.

Seal It. Concrete should be properly sealed after installation. The manufacturer and your concrete installer will have recommendations as to when this should occur, but you will likely be advised to do it after about six months. In addition, have the concrete work resealed about every two or three years afterward. Sealing helps protect the concrete from the elements and water erosion to which it's exposed all year long. 

Fix Cracks. Cracks appear in concrete with regular use and harsh weather. From the expanding and contracting of regular seasons to vehicle traffic by customers and vendors, your driveway will suffer from a lot of use in the course of business. Inspect the concrete itself at least twice per year to ensure that it's holding up. Look for cracks that are forming as well as broken edges, discoloration, and excessive pitting. Repairing small problems — whether done by yourself, by employees, or by a concrete repair service — prevents them from becoming unsightly issues. 

Sweep It. Keep the concrete in your driveway and parking areas clean with regular sweeping and maintenance. Try to remove debris soon after storms and harsh winter weather as well as brushing off mildew and algae so it doesn't accumulate during the rainy seasons. Quickly remove extra magnesium chloride, ammonium sulfates, or other snow removal agents after storms to keep them from causing deterioration.

Assess Environmental Issues. Look at greenery and trees around the edges so that you can keep it from creeping onto or underneath the concrete and eroding it. If things like forklifts and other business vehicles have leaks or excessive exhaust, have them fixed or park them away from the driveway. Degreasers — including litter and pressure washing — can help keep ugly stains from forming where customers regularly park. 

By maintaining your concrete driveway or parking lot, you can help create the look of a well-kept business and an owner who cares about quality. This will not only protect your driveway as an investment, but it will also boost your appeal with clients.