How To Get Your Arc Stud Welding Equipment To Work With Various Materials

Stud welding is a popular form of welding because it is one of the least expensive and fastest methods of welding. Also, the results of a stud welding project will last for longer and will be much more durable. However, you will need to use materials that work well with arc stud welding equipment and you will need to know how to weld each type of material properly.

Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding with Brass

If you will be using brass as a stud welding material, make sure that it is lead free. However, brass can be a great alternative to other materials for studs, such as steel and stainless steel. The best arc stud welding method for brass is capacitor discharge stud welding. 

Setting the Right Welding Speed with Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the preferred materials for arc stud welding equipment thanks to how light-weight and corrosion-resistant aluminum is. The best option as a stud material is to use aluminum alloy. However, pure aluminum can work too.

One challenge of aluminum is that the high thermal conductivity of the material can sometimes make it difficult to weld. The heat from the welding equipment can be quickly conducted away from the aluminum piece.

The weld will not stay hot enough to perform a high quality weld. If the bottom of a failed weld is shiny, this can indicate that the aluminum cooled too early. This means that you will need to increase the speed to successfully weld the aluminum. 

Capacitor Discharge Stud welding with Copper

Copper has very distinct advantages and disadvantages. A copper base can work well with brass studs if you are looking for no marking. Copper has a very high thermal conductivity, so capacitor discharge stud welding is a great option for copper. Copper plating is a standard practice. 

Choosing the Right Type of Steel for Steel Welding

Most forms of steel can be welded using arc stud welding. One of the advantages of low carbon stud welding is that it does not require pre-heating or post-heating. However, with medium and high-carbon steel, you will need to perform some pre-heating to avoid cracking. Welding steel alloy is not recommended, but can be done successfully in a limited number of circumstances. 

To make sure that you produce the best results with any type of material, make sure to use arc stud welding equipment that is purchased from a respected vendor and keep your equipment in good condition. With the best equipment, you will have less downtime.