Should Your Home Have A Fire Extinguisher?

Fire at home is probably one of the most frightening disasters one could ever experience. In just a matter of seconds, it could be life-threatening, and a few minutes more, it can bring your entire home down in flames. So, considering the amount of risk, it is best to be prepared; get materials and lay out plans to keep your family and home safe from fire.

Fire Alarm

You probably know by now that smoke detectors and fire alarms are your first line of defense in case of fire. The earlier you sense the fire, the greater the chance that you can get to end it and evade the misfortunes that come with it. A $20 smoke detector and fire alarm system with lithium batteries can last up to ten years.

Fire Extinguisher System

The next step is to maintain a fire extinguisher system in your home. First, choose the fire extinguisher system that best suits your home. Some of the types of fire extinguishers that are suitable for residential structures are Class A (for ordinary combustibles including paper, wood, and cloth), Class C (for electrical appliances), and Class K (for oils and fats in cooking appliances). Second, there should be one at every level of your home: in the basement, level floor, second floor, and so on. You can also keep in mind the type of fire extinguishers that you might need for every level such as Class A for the second floor where the bedrooms are located and Class C for the first level where the kitchen and most of the electrical appliances are located. Contact your local fire department to inquire about the fire extinguisher system for your home.

Fire Plan

Yet, it is not enough just to have a smoke detector and fire extinguisher system. Most importantly, you should know what to do and how to use them. For one, a fire extinguisher system does not replace the fire department. Use it only when all members of the household are already out and safe and the local fire department has been called. Have one or two members of the family be trained on proper use of the fire extinguisher system. Plot out who's responsible for who (elder siblings taking care of younger ones) and what (calling the fire department) so that all members of the family would know what to do during a fire.

In the end, smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher system are something you have but wish you won't need, which is better than needing it but not having it. Get in touch with a company such as Amerisafe for more information.