3 Advantages Of Installing Vinyl Over Your Home’s Wood Siding

If you live in a house that still has the original wood clap siding, you may be wondering if it is time for a change to something different. If so, consider the below advantages of having vinyl siding installed over your home's current wood siding.

1. Gives You Better Insulation

One benefit of having vinyl siding installed is that it can insulate your home better than your current wood siding. Even if insulation was installed under the wood back when your house was built, chances are it was thinner than today's options. Also, it is likely that your current insulation has deteriorated over time.

However, since vinyl siding can be installed over the old siding, it provides extra insulation. Before the vinyl is installed, a thick layer of insulation is placed over the wood. This gives you several layers of insulation that can help keep your home more comfortable while you save on energy bills each month.

2. Requires Minimal Maintenance

When you have wood siding that is painted, the coat of paint starts to peel and crack after a few years. This requires that you drag out your ladder, paint cans, and brushes every few years to repaint the siding. And, if the paint is really damaged, you may find that you have to scrape certain sections before you can even begin to paint.

However, vinyl siding takes away that huge amount of required maintenance. Because the vinyl's color is infused into the durable material, it does not paint or crack, and you do not have to paint it ever. 

And, while the siding may get dirty, it is fairly easy to clean. If you keep up with it at least once or twice a year, you simply need to use a pressure washer on a low setting to spray away the dirt. 

3. Withstands Adverse Weather Conditions Better

Another advantage of having vinyl siding is that it withstands adverse weather conditions better than wood. After years of exposure to sunlight and moisture, wood becomes brittle under the heat and can start to rot in sections that do not dry out as quickly as the rest.

However, the material from which vinyl siding is constructed does not dry out or rot when exposed to these conditions. This quality allows the siding to last much longer than wood.

After learning the advantages of installing vinyl siding over your home's current wood siding, you may decide that you are ready to learn more about the process. If so, contact siding contractor to have them come to your home, look at your current siding, and discuss your options for having vinyl siding installed.