Tips For Keeping Your Automotive Dealership’s Asphalt Sales Lot Looking Amazing

Since your automotive dealership has a large outdoor sales lot, it is important its asphalt always looks amazing. After all, if a car lot doesn't stay up to date on their parking lot maintenance, then how can customers be assured they take great care of the vehicles in their care and sell a high-quality product?

Sadly, many people will judge your business by this sort of superficial thing, so it's best to proactively avoid it. Customers can always opt to buy their car elsewhere, so you should do everything you can to avoid giving them an excuse to go elsewhere.

To keep your sales lot looking amazing, follow each of these asphalt care tips.

Tip: Have a Policy for Varying the Locations of Parked Cars

Cars sitting in one place for too long will damage asphalt from their weight, especially during the hot summer months when the asphalt is soft. For this reason, one of the most important things you can do is to avoid repeatedly parking cars in the same places on your lot.

For example, if you always park each car exactly in the middle of two lines, then when cars are moved, park each of them over a foot to the left. This ensures you don't have areas of the asphalt that are continually under high stress.

Tip: Have a Designated Off-Lot Loading Area for Semi Trucks

Since semi-trucks with car carrier trailers are excessively heavy and can damage your sales lot, set up a designated loading area away from your customer sales lot. 

Tip: Apply a New Layer of Seal Coating Material Every Other Year

Seal coating a parking lot is the best way to protect it from weather damage. Additionally, when your sales lot is seal coated, it will once again turn dark black in color and look just like it did when the asphalt was brand new. 

To ensure your lot always looks new and clean, have it seal coated every other year. And, after it is seal coated, have new marking paint applied.

Marking paint takes the guesswork out of where customers and lot attendants should drive and park. It is also used to outline safe walkways to help prevent accidents. 

Tip: Never Let Weeds or Grass Grow in Asphalt Cracks

Finally, if you find grass or weeds growing up through a crack in the asphalt, then it is important you remove it immediately and either seal the crack yourself or have it professionally done. If you leave the plant to grow, it will force up the surrounding asphalt leading to further damage and create a tripping hazard.

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