4 Tips To Repair Your Foundation And Prevent Damage To Your Home From Water And Moisture

If you are planning on finishing your basement, installing drainage and waterproofing systems is essential. These systems consist of a combination of waterproofing sealants, as well as mechanical solutions like drain pipes, dry wells and pumps. Here are some tips to help with repairs and improvements to prevent damage to your finished basement:

1. Repairing Cracks That Cause Damage to Foundation Waterproofing

The cracks in concrete can be a serious problem for your basement waterproofing. These problems are usually caused by the stress of static water pressure. As the cracks in the foundation get worse, you will want to have them repaired. These repairs will also require regular inspections every few years and may need additional repairs in the future.

2. Updating and Upgrading Waterproofing Sealant Systems to Prevent Damage

If you are planning on finishing your basement, you want to keep the water out. The most important component to do this is the waterproofing sealants of your foundation, which are probably asphalt-based materials if you have an older home. To protect your home, you will want to consider improvements like membrane materials and systems that reduce static pressure that causes problems like cracks. Good sealant improvements will keep water out and protect your home from structural damage. 

3. The Different Types of Foundation Drainage Lines That Protect Your Finished Basement

There are different types of foundation drainage systems that you may want to have installed in your home. These systems can be installed outside of your home and be integrated into storm and landscaping drainage to keep water away from your home. Inside your home, these systems can include drainage lines that drain water and moisture to a sump pump well, where it is then pumped out of your home with the plumbing wastewater.

4. Landscaping Watershed and Storm Drainage To Protect Your Home  

There are many solutions that you will want to consider for protecting the exterior of your home. This should include good watershed design, which will allow water to flow away from your home freely, as well as solutions like gutter downspout and landscape storm drainage lines. These features are the first line of defense to protect your home.

These are some tips to help with repairs and improvements your foundation needs before you finish your basement. If you are getting ready to finish your basement, contact a sump pump installation service and talk with them about the installation of plumbing drainage and sump pump systems for your basement.