4 Features You Want To Talk With Your Contractor About Before Installing A Septic System

Before you have a septic system installed, it is important that you consider features and improvements to help prevent problems. For example, you may want to have a lined drain field if you have a problem with percolation or an alarm to warn you when the system needs maintenance. The following septic system features are some of the things you will want to talk with your contractor about before installing a septic system:

1. Ensure Your Drain Field Has Good Filtration and Discuss A Liner If Needed

The drain field of your septic system needs to have good percolation to ensure the effluent filters through the soil efficiently. There are options to have a filtering medium added to the lines or installing a liner to contain the waste effluent of your septic system. If you are concerned about groundwater contamination, you may want to have a liner installed for a self-contained system.

2. Consider Secondary Tanks to Improve Waste Treatment and Breakdown of Solids  

Another option that you may want to consider for your septic system is installing a secondary tank. A secondary waste treatment tank will help breakdown solids and prevent problems with the drain field becoming blocked. In addition, there are also options like pump tanks, which deliver the effluent to the drain field more efficiently.

3. Distributions Boxes for Even Distribution of Effluent to Prevent Drain Field Problems

Many modern septic systems have distribution boxes, which are used to prevent drain field problems. The distribution box will ensure that effluent is delivered to the drain field lines evenly for better percolation. If you do have a distribution box installed, it is going to need to be inspected every time you have septic pumping and maintenance done to ensure it is doing its job.

4. Alarms for Septic Systems to Help with Maintenance and Alert You of Any Problems

It is also important to do maintenance to your septic system, but sometimes, the problems get overlooked. Therefore, you may want to consider having an alarm installed on your tank. The alarm will go off when the tank becomes overburden and the level rises. Having an alarm installed will help ensure you do not neglect maintenance and the potential problems do not go unaddressed.

These are some of the things that you will want to discuss with the contractor that installs your septic system. If you need a waste treatment solution, contact a septic construction service to talk about your new system, one like Hastings Construction INC.