Renovating The Interior Of Your Home To Refresh Your Space

If you live in your home long enough, you will eventually need to refresh some things inside the home. A light renovation or makeover may be just the thing to make your space feel new again, and it doesn't take much time or money to do. 

Repairing Damage To Walls and Ceilings

Small blemishes in the walls or the ceiling of your living space can be enough to make the room or area look a little rough. If your walls are drywall or sheetrock, repairing or retouching them is pretty easy and any good drywall company will have them looking new again in no time.

If they have to repair holes larger than a couple of inches in diameter, the repair is more extensive but is still not terribly difficult to accomplish. Water can also cause damage that requires removal of the sheetrock, so the best idea is to have a contractor walk through the space with you and come up with an estimate for the work.

Replacing the Drywall

Drywall with damage is easy to remove if you have the right tools. A sheetrock saw, rotozip, or reciprocating saw are all good options to cut through the old drywall. Once the drywall is cut, it can be removed and discarded. A new piece of drywall is cut to fit in the hole and then screws or nails secure it to the wall. 

The joint between the new and the old drywall is blended together with drywall compound and a paper or fiberglass joint tape and then allowed to dry. Once it is dry, the joint is sanded smooth so that you won't notice it. Once the wall has paint on it, you will most likely not see it at all. 

Painting The Walls and Ceiling

A great way to refresh a space is to put a new coat of paint on the walls and ceiling, making the room or interior space look new and clean. Picking colors for a room is always difficult but if you want the room to look larger and more open, lighter colors are a better option. Dark colors often make a room feel smaller and closed in, so unless you are trying to create the feeling, you may want to avoid dark colors inside. 

The ceiling is another area that light colors work better. The lighter color will make the ceiling feel taller and, in turn, make the space feel more open. You can choose from just about any color you want and most paint stores will mix custom colors if you find something you really like and want to use in your home.

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