Why Have Your Replacement Door Installed By A Professional

Do you need to have one of your main entry doors replaced and are considering doing the job yourself? If so, it is worth having a professional take on this job for the following reasons. 

Prevent Air Loss

A big problem that you can run into when installing a door is air loss. You do not want all of the hot or cold air produced from your HVAC system to escape around a door that has been installed incorrectly. It starts with picking the right type of door that has the proper insulation to help prevent heat from transferring through it. The installation itself will also require that the door forms a seal around the edges when it is closed, which includes verifying that the door is level and not leaving gaps in places around the frame.

Another way that air loss is prevented is by installing weather stripping around the door. It can help close up any small cracks or leaks that would be tough to seal off otherwise. The door frame itself will also need to be sealed better, which includes adding foam insulation to all of the crevices where air can get through. If you do not think about taking all these steps to prevent air loss, it is very easy to not do them when attempting a DIY door installation. 

Smooth Operation

The bad thing about installing your own door is that you will not know if it is working smoothly until the final steps. By that point, it can be difficult to make changes that help with making the door work properly. The door may be dragging on part of the floor as it opens, not allowing it to swing open all the way. The door may stick as it is being open or closed, causing you to put a lot of force on the door when using it. A professional can help ensure that the door will be operating smoothly by the time they leave so you are not left with a new door that leaves you unsatisfied.

Improve Security 

You'll also want your door to be secure if it is being used for a main entry point. It starts by making sure that the deadbolt has been installed properly so that the door cannot easily be kicked in. Additional steps can also be taken to install reinforcement plates and strike boxes so that it is difficult for someone to break in. 

For more information about having replacement doors installed, contact a local door and window service.