Improving The Insulation In Your Home’s Walls

Upgrading the insulation that is in the walls of your home can be an improvement that will provide you with some important benefits, but this is an upgrade that homeowners will often fail to adequately consider. Yet, it can be a fairly minor upgrade that will provide the property with noticeable benefits.

Insulation Does More Than Keep The Home's Temperature Stable

Keeping the temperature in the home stable can be important to make sure that the property is a comfortable place to be while minimizing the heating and cooling costs. However, insulation can do more than just keep the temperature stable. It can also substantially lower the amount of noise pollution that is able to make it into the home. Furthermore, the insulation can also be useful for blocking unwanted moisture and humidity from making it to the home's interior.

It Is Possible To Determine The Areas That Would Benefit From Additional Insulation

A homeowner may be concerned that it will be impossible for them to know the areas of the home that need to have additional insulation installed. However, there are a number of ways that a professional insulation contractor will be able to assess the quality and quantity of the insulation that is installed behind the wall. One of the most common and least invasive ways will be to drill a small hole and use a boroscope to visually inspect the insulation. Many of these boroscopes will be equipped with an infrared camera that will allow the contractor to see drafts and other sources of heat loss or gain that may be occurring. Once this assessment is completed, the contractor will be able to devise a plan for adding the needed insulation to the wall.

Removing Large Sections Of The Wall May Not Be Required To Add More Insulation

While it may seem like the only way to install more insulation will be to remove panels form the walls, there are more efficient and easier solutions to this problem. For example, it is possible to use spray foam as a way of adding insulation without needing to make major changes to the walls. When this spray foam insulation is installed, a small hole can be drilled at strategic points in the wall so that the foam can be sprayed into it. In addition to being less impactful tot he property, this option will also be among the quickest options for installing more insulation as it may only take a few hours to install supplemental insulation in a room.

For more information, contact a wall insulation service in your area.