Detecting Leaks: 3 Types Of Tools Plumbers Use To Locate Hidden Leaks

The majority of your home's plumbing system is hidden under floors, above ceilings and behind walls. So, when you have a leak, it can be particularly hard to locate. When left untreated, leaks can cause damage to your home's foundation, resulting in the growth of mold and home rot. Luckily, when you can't find your own leak, you can call on the help of a professional, who has high-tech tools that they can put to use to detect those hidden leaks before they do damage to your home. Read More 

3 Reasons To Find Your Groundwater Before Drilling Your Well

If you are interested in installing a well on your property, you might be thinking about installing a test well first to determine where the groundwater can be found on your property. Although this used to be the standard before people installed wells, it isn't your best bet nowadays. Instead, you can hire a company that will find your well water for you first, without the need for a test well. Read More 

Does Vinyl Fencing Work To Contain Horses?

You love the look of vinyl fencing around a field, but you aren't sure if it's the best fence material for horses. What are the pros and cons of vinyl fencing for horses? Note that there are two types of vinyl fencing that can be used for horses and other livestock. The first type is a rigid PVC and the second is more flexible and can give a few inches if your horse runs into it. Read More 

Vinyl Vs. Aluminum Sunrooms: Which Is Best For You?

So, you want to extend your living space outdoors, and a sunroom is the perfect way to make it happen. However, you're faced with a difficult decision; do you go with an aluminum sunroom or a vinyl one? Both options come with their inherent advantages and potential drawbacks. At the end of the day, asking yourself a few important questions may help you to make the right decision regarding which material is right for you. Read More 

3 Questions You May Have About Chimney Liners And Safety

If you recently purchased a house that has a wood-burning fireplace in it, you may want to consider getting a chimney inspection before you begin using it, and this is especially important if the house is older. A chimney inspection will reveal the condition of the chimney and will let you know if it is safe to use. With older chimneys, there is a good chance that the inspector might suggest installing a new chimney liner in it, and here are three questions you may have about this. Read More